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The detective Kamil
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The warm, funny and spicy crime thrillers featuring Kamil, an ex-Kolkata detective turned Brick Lane Waiter


Ajay Chowdhury is the inaugural winner of the Harvill Secker-Bloody Scotland crime fiction award. He is a tech entrepreneur, writer and theatre director. His children’s novel ‘Ayesha and the Firefish’ was published in 2016. His first crime novel in the Kamil Rahman series – The Waiter – was published in 2021, was named the Sunday Times crime book of the month and has been optioned for television. Its follow ups – The Cook (2022) and The Detective (2023) – came out to strong reviews and he is currently working on the next book in the series – The Spy –  due to be published in 2024.

He is the Artistic Director of the Rented Space Theatre Company that he formed in 1987 and has directed over a dozen plays in London including ‘The Merchant of Vembley’ at the Cockpit Theatre and ‘Cymbeline’ at the Etcetera.

On the business front, Ajay has been the founder or CEO of several startups, including Shazam (sold to Apple), Seatwave (sold to Ticketmaster) and LineOne (sold to Tiscali). He has served on the boards of Lionhead, Department of Culture Media and Sport, Arts Council London, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), and Historic Royal Palaces amongst others.

He is currently a Managing Director and Senior Partner at BCG Digital Ventures, globally responsible for their ‘deep tech’ businesses, and Chair of Cambridge Enterprise, Cambridge University’s spinout arm. He is a Trustee of the renowned Cheek by Jowl Theatre Company and is a board member of Enacte – a San Francisco based South Asian Theatre Company.

He was selected to be part of the Asian Power 100 – the 100 most influential and powerful Asians in the UK and was selected as one of 2016’s Sunday Times top 100 BAME business leaders in the UK.


Times/Sunday Times Best Crime Books of 2021

Guardian Top Crime Books of the Year 2022 

Sunday Times Crime Book of the Month April 2023

A free interactive ebook in partnership with Google

Coming April 2024

Amazon Children’s Bookshelf Selection

Praise for the SERIES

‘Outstanding’ Sunday Times

‘Hugely entertaining’ Ann Cleeves

The Detective has all the ingredients for a great crime series’ The Sun

‘[Kamil is a] likeable inspector . . . We shall hear much more of him’ Daily Mail

An elegantly constructed thriller’ The Times

A rip-roaring mystery that’s engrossing from start to finish’ Abir Mukerjee

Chowdhury brings his own expertise in modern tech to the plot, combining it with hot button history, and a biting wit. The series goes from strength to strength’ Vaseem Khan

About the detectives:

Kamil has always wanted to be top cop. With a father who reached the position of Police Commissioner of the Calcutta police, what else could he do, other than hanker after an honourable career chasing the bad guys, just like his dad. However, the odds are stacked against him. He’s a Muslim in the Met, facing overt and covert racism and he needs to be twice as good as his colleagues to make it. All of this he could cope with, if only his personal life was humming along smoothly.

Anjoli is searching, but she doesn’t know what for. A high-minded psychologist who is super smart, always restless and naturally empathetic, she is meticulous and often finds connections Kamil has missed. She would love to get deeper into crime solving – possibly even have a go at it full-time but she can’t shake the feeling that she is an imposter in a game of let’s pretend. Kamil makes her laugh, but she doesn’t know why she can’t make the leap. Why is she so scared of surrendering her heart to him? Does she not feel deserving of love and adoration? Or does she fear a life where she’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop?”

Latest news

Ajay partners with Google to create a gamified murder mystery eBook

From Joyless to Joyride: 64% of commuters look forward to going to work if they revel in immersive entertainment experiences


  • Google Pixel has teamed up with best-selling author, Ajay Chowdhury, to create a gamified murder mystery eBook especially for commuters, to celebrate the launch of its new Google Pixel Fold, on-shelf in the UK on August 22nd.
  • The eBook is available for anyone to download and enjoy, and commuters can win a fresh off-the-shelf Pixel Fold if they can correctly count how many ‘folds’ are in the book.
  • New research reveals that nearly two thirds (62%) of people commute to work at least four or more days a week now, with even more (64%) of them looking forward to consuming content during this time.
  • Furthermore, over three quarters (82%) of people are interested in crime/mystery, with more than half (55%) agreeing that consuming this genre has increased their confidence and ability with problem solving.


London, UK, 15th August  2023 – Google Pixel has teamed up with best-selling crime author, Ajay Chowdhury, to create a new and entertaining, interactive murder mystery eBook designed especially for commuters. New research reveals there is a surge of interest in the crime genre, with a massive 82% of people consuming this on average, and almost a third of commuters (30%) enjoying crime content on their commute.


The latest instalment in Chowdhury’s celebrated Kamil Rahman crime fiction series – The Invitation – is perfect for the commute – and what’s more, it’s free for anyone to download on any device. The gripping, gamified story is optimised especially for foldable devices like the brand new Pixel Fold, available on shelves in the UK from August 22nd.


Consuming Crime on the Commute

Commuting is back, and it’s not all bad. Research shows that 62% of people are now commuting to work at least four or more days a week, and of them 64% look forward to consuming content on their way to work, jumping to 81% among high earners. Chowdhury’s latest short story is perfect for the average commute which research shows takes approximately 32 minutes.


It seems consuming crime really could help catch a killer career! While research shows 82% of people consume crime, this rises to a staggering 88% among high earners. And though 30% of people reveal they are interested in crime and mystery on the commute, this jumps to 43% for high earners, who consume crime because it provides an escape (46%).


Unfolding Problem Solving

The research also reveals that over half (55%) of commuters who consume crime on their way to work believe that it enhances their confidence and problem-solving skills, rising to three quarters (74%) among high earners. TV psychologist and crime expert, Emma Kenny explains how this immersive eBook experience is perfectly designed to have a positive impact on both the brain and work.


Emma Kenny’s Top Tips

According to Kenny, the following 3 tips will set you up for a successful day.


  1. Create Your Mindful Morning Routine: Don’t rush straight into work or daily chores first thing, and instead use your commute as a moment to create a mindful morning routine – like listening to a motivational podcast or reading a book. This way, you’re providing a crucial mental distance between your home life and work life.


  1. Indulge in Crime Novels: Crime novels engage your analytical thinking and get you mentally stimulated for the day, as you follow clues and attempt to solve mysteries before the characters in the book. Immerse yourself in these intricate plots and make your commute more engaging by listening to audio versions of these crime novels.


  1. Hone Your Problem-Solving Skills: Utilise your commute to exercise your problem-solving skills with enjoyable brainteasers or fun puzzles that challenge your brain to think creatively and logically. Regular practice will enhance your innovative reasoning, a skill applicable in many work situations.


Kenny said: “Unfolding or de-stressing during our commute can help support a better work-life balance, avoiding the cognitive strain that’s caused when we restrict our Liminal Space. Entertaining and immersing themselves in this new eBook will allow commuters to do this in the most enjoyable and effective way”.


The Invitation

The new eBook –  The Invitation –  offers a fun and interactive 20-minute read, ideal for filling the average commute. Embedded with puzzles designed to stimulate and challenge, the eBook is optimised for the Pixel Fold – Google’s first foldable phone.


Chowdhury’s story plunges readers into London’s Brick Lane, following characters Anjoli and Kamil as they decipher clues to find a killer. As the eBook unfolds, commuters are encouraged to crack the puzzles designed to both stimulate and challenge.


Author of the short fiction story, Ajay Chowdhury, said: “It’s amazing how crime stories not only capture our imaginations, but also engage our minds as we try to beat the detective to the solution. It has been a pleasure collaborating with Google Pixel to bring this interactive eBook to life and lead commuters on a mysterious journey through London’s multicultural East End.”


What’s more, commuters have the chance to win a fresh-on-the-shelf Pixel Fold, Google’s first and much anticipated foldable phone worth £1749 – perfect for consuming entertainment, books and games – if they can correctly count how many ‘folds’ are in the book.*


Andrea Zvinakis, Android Product Manager at Google, said: “The Google Pixel Fold, the first foldable engineered by Google, is truly the perfect commutable companion. The commute has become a precious space post-pandemic – with many using their time to consume their favourite multi-media content on their journeys to work. With the huge immersive display when opened, the Pixel Fold makes watching and reading even more pleasurable, which is why we teamed up with Ajay Chowdhury to offer up a free e-book full of intrigue, drama, games and easter eggs – designed for commuters especially. Those who enjoy the full-screen reading experience would particularly enjoy this on a Pixel Fold.”


Commuters can download their free copy at theinvitation.ajaychowdhury.com  before they head underground and immerse themselves in a thrilling tale set in London’s East End, with no extended WIFI access needed.




*Terms and conditions apply. See ajaychowdhury.com for details of how to enter.

Research conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Google Pixel who surveyed 2,008 Nationally representative commuters from the UK, including 200 who have an Income of £100,000 (Weighted by Gender and Age) between 22/06/2023 – 26/06/2023.

About Google Pixel Fold

Introducing Pixel Fold, the first foldable phone engineered by Google. All the power of the Google Tensor G2 chip – in a thin, pocket-sized design. It’s a Pixel phone on the outside. And a big, immersive display on the inside for movies, photos, work and multitasking. So you can do even more, in so many ways. Pre-order on the Google Store today, available on-shelf from 22 August in the UK.

WIN a Google Pixel Fold (RRP £1749) in the Count The Folds Competition

Put your detective skills to the test and enter our thrilling competition for a chance to win your very own Google Pixel Fold.

.Your mission? Count the occurrences of the word “fold” scattered throughout Ajay Chowdhury’s “The Invitation”. Every counted ‘fold’ brings you closer to the grand prize: a brand-new Google Pixel Fold. Blending elegance, innovation, and cutting-edge technology, it’s the perfect companion for any modern detective.

Enter now and unfold the mystery as time is running out. Count the folds, unlock the secrets, and submit your answer. The adventure awaits!

Ajay debates the ethics of using AI in crime writing with Frederick Forsyth on TalkTV

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