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Ajay on BBC 1's The One Show discussing AI & Writing

Ajay debating Frederick Forsyth on the use of AI in writing on TalkTV

Ajay on BBC In The Studio discussing the use of AI in Crime Writing

The Indian-born crime fiction author, Ajay Chowdhury, is writing the fifth instalment of his Detective Kamil Rahman series, set between India and the UK. But Ajay is also a leading digital tech entrepreneur and this side of his life influences how he writes his fiction. Join fellow author Paul Waters as he watches Ajay completing the first draft of his latest book with the help of artificial intelligence tools. Some authors – including Paul - fear that AI is an existential threat to human creativity, so why and how does Ajay use it to make his books better?

                                                                       Listen here (23 minutes in)                                                         

Ajay on the We’d Like a Word podcast

Win a Google Pixel Fold phone + Ajay Chowdhury on AI & writing books (part 3): Crime author & tech entrepreneur Ajay Chowdhury tells We’d Like A Word hosts Paul Waters & Stevyn Colgan about how he uses artificial intelligence tools to help him write his excellent Detective Kamil Rahman series. Plus answer a question in this 3-part podcast for a chance to win a brand new Google Pixel Fold mobile phone. We’ve heard they cost £1,700 – so it’s a good prize! Hear the question, email your answer to wedlikeaword@gmail.com
Also in this 3-part episode: is it ethical or useful to use AI / artificial intelligence tools like Chat GPT to help write books? Is AI an existential threat to human creativity? Will AI put book cover designers out of work? Which of us has a third nipple and why does James Bond get his nipple arrangement all wrong>
We also talk – Lily Allen, author Jude O’Reilly, Roger Moore, Children of the Ghetto by Israel Zangwill, A Child of the Jago by Arthur Morrison, John Wyndham, John Wick, Philip Kerr, Jewish East End London, book cover designer Dan Mogford, Barry Cotter v Harry Potter, Christopher Lee, Scaramanga, India, ANPR and other surveillance, AI dating website, Honcho, the Indian epics the Ramayana & Mahabharata.

Ajay discussing the Metaverse at The Economist summit

Ajay speaking about digital disruption at a conference at Google

Video showcase on How to Get Published in Crime Fiction

Review of The Waiter